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Not Mina Harker

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12:32 am: The Spoon Is A Lie
My relationship with Karim thus far, in a nutshell:

FIRST DATE: Jerusalem Garden and downtown Asheville

SECOND DATE: Emergency room and IHOP at 2 AM

We were roller skating with Alan and friends when Alan fell and eviscerated his shoulder. Karim and I drove him to the Mission Hospital emergency room and waited with him, because waiting in an ER alone is suckage. Alan folded paper cranes for the little kids, and Karim and I made fun of the awful stuff on Cartoon Network until Samurai Jack came on. Then Alan took us out to IHOP since we hadn't eaten in hours. He also needed something to wash down his Vicodin with. It was an exciting night!

Bennett turned 18 this tax day! It is very strange to think that my little brother is old enough to buy cigarettes and/or porn. Very strange. I made it home for his birthday and took pictures!

Ben and More Cake

He said he expected no cake, with the explanation that the cake is a lie.

The Lie

Nevertheless, he seemed happy with what he got.

Ben and Cake

And he's coming to Asheville tomorrow to visit! I'm very happy. I'll have to show him all the cool places to hang out in Asheville, like the discount grocery store.

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