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Not Mina Harker
5 September 1988
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This is a poem that a friend from http://www.narniafans.com/forums wrote for me. It makes me very happy.

Why, cry,
Y. Fish?
Could the Y. Fish be fated for a hot dish?
Why sigh,
Y. Fish?
Could the Y. Fish be afraid of being fried?
I heard the Y. Fish almost died,
with such a near miss
when the fish in this forum
from the fruity field fell
Just a yard from the plate
Though it fell hard, what a fate!
Why, the fish called Y. Fish
will only live to tell
The stories and the glories
of the fishy fights it fought,
if the fights from the dish
were as delish' as a frisky fishy fry,
And by fishy fry,
I mean not a fried fishy,
For to meet a fish and eat that fish
would be a sad fate for the fish.
On my plate I couldn't wish it.
I would miss it,
if the fish were my friendly fishy friend
from the fruity field of fisherland.
But the fishy fry be a fried tater instead
For I'm not a fishy hater; I'd rather be dead.
I like the fish, and the fishy fishy story
So don't cry, Y. Fish
I don't want the plate to be your fate
It is something I would hate
On this or any other date.
"Find a friend in a fish." I say.
Yes, I forsee
That a friendly fishy friend
may be the friend for me.

Maybe I should make that a song.

-Matt from NarniaFans

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